Proportional Pressure Relief Valve series DVPSA-3D
Pressure relief cartridge valves

Proportional Pressure Relief Valve series DVPSA-3D

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Series DVPSA-3D… cartridges are two-stage, spool-type proportional pressure-relief valves. They limit the inlet pres sure in A to a value that is proportional to the solenoid cur rent. All external parts are zinc plated and chromited (Cr VI-free) and are thus suitable for use in the harshest operating envi ronments. The core tube / slip-on coil design allows coils to be changed without opening the hydraulic envelope, even when the valve is under pressure. Coils can be se cured at any angle thro’ 360 and can be supplied with the most common electrical connectors (see ordering code). For customers who manufacture their own manifold blocks, we offer form-tool sets for sale or hire. Use the DDY-12 body with threaded ports (G1/2”) for line-mounting ap plications.

  • External pilot drain to Z, so the secondary side can be pressurised
  • Surface protection: Cartridge is zinc plated and chro mited (Cr VI-free)
  • Very stable operation Coil can be changed without opening the hydraulic envelope
  • Coils with DIN, Deutsch, Kostal or Junior Timer plug connections can be supplied
  • Can be fitted in a line-mounting body
  • Can be fitted in stack-mounting bodies
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