Pressure Relief or Sequence Cartridge Valve series DDPB-3D
Zawór nabojowy przelewowy DDPB-3D Bucher
Pressure relief cartridge valves

Pressure Relief or Sequence Cartridge Valve series DDPB-3D

Pressure [bar]


Flow rate [l/min]


Pressure relief valves series DDPB-3D-10 … are direct acting pressure relief valves. Their positive seat design ensures virtually zero leakage, and they are designed to fit BUCHER cavity type DD. The spring chamber is externally drained via port Y, therefore back pressure applied to port B does not influence the valve relief setting (See also internally drained model DDPB-1C-10 …). Thoroughly oil or grease external seals before fitting the cartridge in a DD cavity. The cartridge can be tightened with a 27 A/F OE spanner (note the recommended tightening torque).

  • Positive seat design gives near zero-leakage closure of ports A and B
  • Good override characteristics due to dynamic poppet stroke assistance
  • External drain – valve setting unaffected by pressure variations in B
  • Pressures to 450 bar, all ports (A, B and Y, see model code key)
  • Ideal for sequence, back-pressure and anti-shock service (fast and stable response)
  • Available as cartridge or in DD-12 line mounting body
  • Also available in ISO / CETOP 05 stack-mounting body (315 bar max.)
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