Pressure Relief Cartridge Valve series DVP 20
Pressure relief cartridge valves

Pressure Relief Cartridge Valve series DVP 20

Pressure [bar]


Flow rate [l/min]


Pressure relief valves series DVP 20… are size 20, high performance screw-in cartridges with M45x1.5 mounting thread. They are direct-acting seat valves. The straightforward design delivers an outstanding price/performance ratio and good pressure drop – flow rate characteristics. To cover the large pressure range and to realize a flat opening characteristic at the same time, 6 different nominal pressure ranges are available. A pressure stage corresponds to a certain spring for a settable maximum operating pressure. The cartridges can be fitted in the cavity M45x1.5 according to Bucher standard.

  • Compact design for cavity type according to Bucher standard – M45x1.5
  • Flat opening characteristic thanks
  • 6 different nominal pressure ranges
  • Leak-free when closed Low-noise operation thanks to integral damping piston
  • High wear resistance becauce the cartridge case is ni trided and the piston is hardened
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