Pilot Operated Check Valve series REPN
Zawory zwrotne nabojowe REPN
Zawory zwrotne nabojowe serii REPN
nabojowe zawory zwrotne REPN
Zawory zwrotne nabojowe REPN
Zawory zwrotne nabojowe serii REPN
Cartridge check valves

Pilot Operated Check Valve series REPN

Pressure [bar]


Flow rate [l/min]


Opening pressure [bar]


Pilot-operated check valves, series REP…, are size 10, two stage, screw-in valves with an M32×1,5 mounting thread. The poppet seat design ensures that the valves are leak-tight from A1 to A. The check function can be overridden by applying a suitable pilot pressure at port X. In the flow direction A to A1, flow can pass freely through the screw-in valve (opening pressure >2 bar). The pressure in port A must not exceed 20 % of the pilot pressure in port X, as the A line pressure acts on the rear side of the pilot piston. If this condition cannot be met, series REPY… cartridge check valves with external leakage-oil drain must be used. All external parts of the screw-in valve are zinc-nickel plated, and are thus suitable for use in the harshest operating environments. These valves are mainly used in mobile and industrial applications as pilot valves for controlling the travel direction of actuators such as hydraulic motors and cylinders. For self-assembly, please refer to the section related data sheets.

  • Screw-in cartridge valve
  • For cavity RC
  • All external parts with zinc-nickel coating according to DIN EN ISO 19598
  • Installation in threaded port body type RC-12
  • High flow rates
  • Seated pilot stage
  • Seat tight shut-of

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