Hydraulic rock splitter series SP150
Hydraulic rock splitters

Hydraulic rock splitter series SP150

Drill holes [mm]

51,64 and 76 mm

Wedge lenghts [mm]

500 - 1000 mm

A hydraulic rock splitter mounted on an excavator boom or other suitable hydraulic boom for secondary splitting and breaking of larger rock sizes, especially in areas where the use of explosives is restricted. Connection to the hydraulic power take-off shaft of the excavator using quick couplers.

The S 120 – S 250 series hydraulic splitters can be equipped with a ball joint to facilitate placement in the hole. Hydraulic splitters of the S 120 – S 200 series can also be equipped with a pressure intensifier and an automatic lubrication system.

Hydraulic rock splitters of the S 120 – S250 series meet European CE safety requirements.

Technical data:

  • Hole diameter 51, 64 and 76 mm
  • Minimum hole depth 800-1400 mm
  • Wedge length (splitting depth) 500 – 1000 mm
  • Total length of the splitter 1900-2600 mm
  • Weight of the splitter 200-340 kg
  • Minimum required pressure 230*-190 bar
  • Maximum allowed pressure 350 bar
  • Required flow rate 20* – 60 l/min
  • Recommended excavator or crane (min) 5+ t

* standard version without a pressure intensifier and automatic lubrication of the upper part of the splitter

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