Production of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic power units, power packs

Order personalized solutions – 100% tailored to the needs of your machines

Come with your own project or rely on our support.

We will use over 30 years of experience, know-how and skills of our qualified employees.

And all this to design and manufacture hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic power units, and even entire hydraulic systems that will ensure reliability of your machines.

siłowniki hydrauliczne producent

What we do?

At Hydromar, we specialize in the design and production of elements such as: 

Why is it worth it?

Comprehensive support: from design to implementation 

We have our own design office and machine park, which allow us to efficiently handle the entire process.

Come to us with a finished project, sketch or just an idea, and we will take care of the rest.

We will use the 3D CAD environment to create professional designs. We will develop prototypes, and when everything is ready – we will start serial production.

producent siłowników hydraulicznych i agregatów hydraulicznych

Confirmed, high quality of each solution

We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified. We only use components supplied by trusted suppliers, and each piece is checked (e.g. on a pressure test stand in accordance with ISO 10100).

All this gives you the confidence that the products you receive from us will remain durable, efficient and reliable – for a very long time.

Short delivery time:

We have optimized production processes and we maintain adequate stocks of raw materials.

This means that we are able to fulfill orders in a short time.

How does it work?

1. Contact with us

Tell us about your needs and expectations, on the basis of which we will develop a preliminary design of your actuator, power supply, system or installation.

2. Approve project and offer

We will provide you with models along with the offer. And when you accept them – we will proceed to further prototyping and final production.

3. Get robust and reliable elements

Finally, we will provide you with fully tailored solutions. If you want – we will also be responsible for their assembly.

Find fully compatible products that you can apply immediately in your company

Write, call or send an inquiry using the contact form. Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • Full service: from design, through production, to assembly.
  • Excellent quality: experience, skills and components that guarantee long and trouble-free use.
  • Short delivery time.

Need additional support?

As part of our activities, we provide everything you could want to ensure the safe, efficient and uninterrupted operation of your machines. 



Place an order for individually designed cylinders, hydraulic systems, power units that will ensure the continuity of your machines’ operation.

siłowniki hydrauliczne producent


Przystąpimy do wyprodukowania elementów lub całych układów, które w 100% będą zgodne z Twoimi oczekiwaniami.

Remonty i modernizacje

Renovation and modernization

Take advantage of professional repair and maintenance services, thanks to which your machines and devices will always be efficient and effective.



Order finished products and components from brands such as: Bucher Hydraulics, Webtec, PWG, Micromatic, Metaris.

Contact with us 


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