Variable displacement axial piston pumps C2 PWG
Pompa tłoczkowa C2 PWG
Piston pumps PWG

Variable displacement axial piston pumps C2 PWG

Pressure [bar]


Displacement [cm3/rev]


C series is a family of variable displacement axial piston pumps for use in closed circuits. The displacement is infinitely variable by means of a tilting swash plate, the oil flow can be reversed over the neutral point. Various controls are available: manual, servocontrol lever operated, electric etc.. Each pump is provided with a charge pump that makes up for internal lea- kage, maintains a positive pressure in the main circuit and provides oil to the control system. All pumps have maximum pressure relief valves and can be supplied single or tandem version. Different through drive options are available for auxi- liary pump mounting as well as a wide range of options: by- pass valve, pressure filter and others.

The following range of controls is available:

  • Manual without zeroing
  • Manual with zeroing
  • Manual lever with feed-back
  • Hydraulic proportional without feed-back
  • Hydraulic proportional with feed-back
  • Electric impulse
  • Electric two position (ON-OFF)
  • Automotive
  • Automotive with mechanical regulation
  • Electric proportional with feed-back
  • Electric proportional without feed-back

Two through drive options for auxiliary pump mounting and  options are available::

  • Power limiter
  • Pressure filter
  • Filter whit electrical clogging sensor
  • Electric Cut-Off Valve
  • Exchange valve
  • Hydraulic inching
  • Mechanical inching
  • Through drive – SAE “A” 9T – 16/32-DP
  • Through drive – SAE “A-A” 11T – 16/32-DP
  • Through drive – SAE “B” 13T – 16/32-DPThrough drive – SAE “B-B” 15T – 16/32-DP

Peak operations must not excide 1% of every minute.
A simultaneus maximum pressure and maximum speed are not recommended.

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