Two-speed aluminium hand pumps for double-acting cylinders high pressure series PDSA DE
Hydrauliczne pompy ręczne dwubiegowe do siłowników dwustronnego działania serii PDSA DE
Hand pumps

Two-speed aluminium hand pumps for double-acting cylinders high pressure series PDSA DE

Pressure [bar]


Displacement [cm3]

40 + 3

Tank [l]


High pressure hydraulic hand pump produced in light aluminum alloy of aeronautical derivation to reduce as much as possible the weight. Maximum operating pressure 700 bar. Double stage with 40 cc capacity at the first stage for rapid approach and 3 cc at the second stage. Recommended pump type at two speed with the use of high capacity double acting hydraulic cylinders, with long strokes for maximum speed during operations. Equipped with an ergonomic bypass hand wheel in techno polymer for controlled pressure relief, with integrated pressure gauge connection that allows direct mounting of the measuring instrument with 45 ° inclination for a correct reading and lever locking system for easy and better portability. Oil filler cap with integrated breather. Sturdy feet with holes for attachment to machinery or structures.

Pressure safety valve integrated in the pump body for maximum operator safety.

  • Handy and easy-to-use pumps with high oil flow rates to operate a wide range of double-acting cylinders.
  • Two-speed operation reduces the number of strokes at low pressure, which makes the operator’s work easier during load approach operations and high pressure load lifting.
  • Strong and functional pumps that require minimum maintenance.
  • Equipped with an internal safety valve calibrated to maximum operating pressure.
  • A pressure gauge can be mounted on the pump directly or with an adaptor.
  • Equipped with a 1.8 liter tank in the most used version and 4 – 8 and 9 liters in the increased versions.
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