Throttle and Shut-off Cartridge Valve series MDP-10
Zawory nabojowe dławiące i odcinające MDP-10
Drain Valve

Throttle and Shut-off Cartridge Valve series MDP-10

Pressure [bar]


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Series MDPAA… throttle/shut-off valves are size 10, high performance screw-in cartridges with an M18x1.5 mounting thread. With this semi-cartridge design, the valve seat is formed by the bottom part of the stepped cavity. In series MDPCA…, however, the semi-cartridge is fitted in a cartridge body with an M24x1.5 mounting thread, and the valve seat is part of the cartridge body. Due to the conical seat design, the cartridges are leak-free in both directions (A to B/ B to A) in the closed position (drain valve function). Both flow directions are also possible when functioning as a throttle cartridge. Pressure (the pump) should preferably be connected to port A. The flow is set, or the valve is shut, by means of an adjusting screw or a hand-knob

  • Throttle and shut-off function in both directions
  • Compact design for cavity types CA or DC to Bucher standards
  • Leak-free shut-off function
  • For space-saving direct mounting in manifold blocks or housings
  • Available with adjusting screw or hand-knob
  • All exposed parts with zinc-nickel plating
  • Can be fitted in a line-mounting body
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