System Solutions for Salt/Grit Spreaders
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System solutions

System Solutions for Salt/Grit Spreaders

The Salt Spreader system includes highly adaptable solutions for all challenges in the area of winter road maintenance.

As well as standard or customized SCRCA valve block solutions together with electronic operating/control units, the program also features a package solution with proven and configurable components.

The components are marked out by their reliability in the face of variations in temperature, severe mechanical stresses and electromagnetic interference.

  • Intuitive and safe operation of all relevant functions with 4 rotary encoders
  • Clear display with large graphic elements
  • Standard and custom software with all typical functions
  • Integrated diagnostic function including fault memory
  • Customized front-foil design can be supplied
  • USB interface for easy upload of software and parameters

Control functions

  • Operation of the spinner plate (current-regulated or speed-controlled)
  • Operation of max. 2 screw conveyors (current-regulated or speed-controlled)
  • Operation of max. 2 brine pumps (one of which is current-regulated or speed-controlled)
  • Control of the spreading rate is travel-speed dependent
  • Spread-pattern adjustment with position feedback
  • Monitoring of spread control, spinner-plate folding, and fill levels
  • Operation of beacons and work lights
  • Control of devices with spray bars and feed rollers
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