Stacking Sequence and Preload Valve series SDDB-3
Sequence manifold valves

Stacking Sequence and Preload Valve series SDDB-3

Pressure [bar]


Flow rate [l/min]


Series SDDB–3–…–6 stack valve sare used for sequence-, preload- and load-holding functions. They are equipped with the direct acting pressure relief cartridgetype DDPB–3D–10….The valves close with virtually zero leakage; their fast response also suits them for cross-line relief duties in service lines. The spring chamber of the cartridge is drained to port T- the pressure setting ist herefore unaffected by fluctuations of the secondary pressurei n P1, A1 or B1. The bypass check valve in models SDDB–3–AAAR–6…and SDDB–3–BB AR–6…allows reverse flow from A1 to  A, or B1 to B. Used as sequence valves, rising pressure results in an insignificant increase in the leakage to T.

  • 80l/min,350bar
  • With direct acting
  • Zero leakage, 10mm pressure relief cartridge DDPB–3D–10…
  • Cartridge spring chamber is drained to port T
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