Stacking Pressure Reducing Valve series SWDRVPD
2-way Pressure Reducing Valves

Stacking Pressure Reducing Valve series SWDRVPD

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Pressure reducing stack mounting valevs series SWDRVPD-5… are high performance, electrically operated pressure reducing valves with a size 03 or 05 interface to ISO 4401-03-02 or ISO 4401-05-04 respectively. The main components of the valves are a sandwich body (stack-mounting body) and the screw-in cartridge (type WDRVPC-5…). They have a seated pilot stage and a spool-type main stage. These sandwich valves are used in mobile and industrial applications. In addition, a pressure gauge connection M (G1/4″) is available on the secondary side in function P. All external parts of the cartridge are zinc-nickel plated ac cording to DIN EN ISO 19 598 and are thus suitable for use in the harshest operating environments.

  • With cartridge valve, type WDRVPC-5…
  • Interface to ISO 4401-03-02 or ISO 4401-05-04
  • 2-pressure switching HI/LO
  • Inline function in the P, A or B line
  • Internal pilot-oil drain to port T 3 pressure ranges available
  • With pressure-gauge port in function P
  • Excellent stability over the whole pressure and flow range
  • External cartridge parts are with zinc-nickel plating
  • The slip-on coil can be rotated, and it can be replaced without opening the hydraulic envelope
  • Various plug-connector systems and voltages are available
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