Stacking Directional Valve series SWRA22
Rozdzielacze warstwowe SWRA22
Stack Mounting Valves

Stacking Directional Valve series SWRA22

Pressure [bar]


Flow rate [L/min]


Series SWRA22 …–6 stack valves are two–stage units, the pilot and main stages both being of seated design. They are equipped with the 2/2 solenoid cartridge valve type WRA22G…–10 or WRA22O…–10. The valve design features screw–in cartridges, thus ensuring straightforward, very user–friendly maintenance. Sealing at the manifold–side (’bottom’) interface is by means of O–rings that are fitted in counterbores in the stacking body.

  • 315 bar, 80 l/min
  • With two–stage, solenoid controlled
  • 2/2 cartridge valve, type WRA22..–10
  • ’No flow’ pilot stage
  • All ports rated to 315 bar
  • Corrosion protection: body zinc– phosphated, exposed cartridge parts zinc–plated
  • With ISO 4401 / CETOP R35H size 3, NFPA D03, DIN 24 340 A6 interface
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