Stacking Counterbalance Valve series SNKA
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Stacking Counterbalance Valve series SNKA

Pressure [bar]


Flow rate [L/min]


Series SNKA–TB–4 units are stack mounting counterbalance valves which provide controlled movement of negative loads. The valve setting should always be higher than the level of the load–induced pressure in line B. This ensures that a certain minimum pressure must exist in line A before the load can be lowered. When lifting the load, the pressure in P (B) is always higher than the valve setting (see Application Example). WARNING: If used with WEDA–…–4 directional valve, the counterbalance valve setting must not exceed 160 bar. (WEDA–…–4 maximum tank line pressure = 160 bar) The ∅ 3 mm location pin on the actuator face of the valve prevents incorrect mounting. Valves are shipped as standard with screw adjustment. Alternatively, they can be supplied with adjustment by hand knob, or lockable hand knob.

  • 250 bar, 25 l/min
  • Direct acting, spool type
  • Controlled movement of negative loads
  • Functional parts in side–mounted body
  • 5 pressure ranges
  • User–modifiable to hand knob or lokkable hand knob adjustment with ISO 4401–02–01 interface
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