Solenoid Operated Spool Valve WEDO - NG6
Rozdzielacz hydrauliczny WEDOU - NG6
Manifold Directional Valves

Solenoid Operated Spool Valve WEDO - NG6

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Series WEDO …–6 units are solenoid operated, direct acting spool type directional valves. They are used to start, stop and control the direction of flows of fluid in hydraulic systems. The spool is actuated by electro–magnetic solenoids which are available in two styles, one for AC (alternating current) service and the other for DC (direct current). The solenoid coils can be rotated and secured at 90°intervals around the core tube. Model WEDO–42–C–6 is provided with mechanical spool detents.

  • 350 bar, 80 l/min
  • T–port can be pressurised to
  • 160 bar (dynamic) — AC models
  • 210 bar (dynamic) — DC models
  • Solenoid features slip–on coil, which enables straight–forward coil changes without opening the hydraulic envelope
  • With ISO 4401 / CETOP R35H size 3 NFPA D03, DIN 24 340 A6 interface
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