Solenoid directional valve WEVDE - NG10
Rozdzielacz hydrauliczny WEDEU - NG10
Manifold Directional Valves

Solenoid directional valve WEVDE - NG10

Pressure [bar]


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Series WEVDE …–10 high performancespool valves are internally piloted and use the follower spool principle. The main valve components are a cast body, a spring–centered follower spool assembly and wet armature solenoids with pressure–tight core tube and slip–on coil. These valves provide reliable service even under the severest operating conditions such as very high flow rates, high operating pressures, supply voltage drops, long periods without switching, large and sudden changes in fluid temperature etc. The highly effective spool actuation method combines the advantages of direct acting and two–stage solenoid valves, without incurring the well known disadvantages of either type

  • 315 bar, 160 l/min
  • High switching reliability thanks to
  • 2–stage follower spool operation
  • Unaffected by:
    — asymmetric flow paths
    — long periods under high pressure
    without switching
    — large pressure drops across the
    spool lands
    — low supply voltage
  • High flow rates
  • Good ∆p–Q characteristics
  • Pressure in P, A and B to 315 bar
  • Wet armature design, change coils without opening hydraulic envelope
  • With manual override
  • Mounting interface to ISO 4401 /CETOP R35H size 5, NFPA D05, DIN 24 340 A10
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