Rotary actuator ARR series
siłownik obrotowy hydrauliczny RR Series
Rotary actuators Moveco

Rotary actuator ARR series

Maximum drive torque at 210 bar [Nm]

11 500

Maximum holding torque at 210 bar [Nm]

16 500

Hydraulic rotary actuators generate very high torque in small units. Since the areas of the piston are equal both sides, the actuator gives the same torque for both clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation. The output torque is affected by the bending moment capacity. Moveco use roller bearings to limit the decrease of the torque output due to the increase of the moment required. The torque is a linear function of the pressure of the system.

Moveco actuators incorporate integral roller bearings assuring reduced friction and higher functional efficiency, not affecting the resistance to the thrust capacity. Guide rings in phenolic resins are used to support radial loads. Specific items are made to support high bending moment, without additional outside thrust-bearings.

When high speed of rotation occurs, the angular slow down, during braking, can raise inertial loads higher than the nominal torque at the max pressure. When those inertial moments exceed twice the max torque value, it is necessary to install within the system valves of deceleration and limit switches outside the actuator.

High Frequency of work cycles can cause the raise of heating condition with the risk of seals failure. The mechanical movements dissipates energy as heat. It is recommended to stay within the range of temperatures indicated in the catalogue. In case take care to cool down the oil.

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