Pull, single-acting cylinders with spring return Series CRM TRA-TR
siłowniki hydrauliczne ściągające 700 bar ze sprężyną
Hydraulic cylinders and Jacks

Pull, single-acting cylinders with spring return Series CRM TRA-TR

Pressure [bar]


Pushing force [tonnes]


Stroke [mm]


Pull hydraulic cylinders, single acting spring return in high pressure. Pull force from 2 to 100 tons with a stroke range from 75 mm to 160 mm. Suitable for diversified uses and for pulling operations. Operating pressure 700 bar.

Guide surfaces are sized to guarantee optimal performance in absorbing the offset load and the end stroke ring increases safety for the operator by avoiding the extra stroke of the piston.

Hydraulic jacks equipped with high strength gaskets for maximum durability up to 60° C, upon request it is possible to equip the cylinder with gaskets resistant to high temperatures up to 200° C. Furthermore, the presence of the wiper prevents contamination from impurities present in the environment of use.

  • CRM TRA-TR Series are pull hydraulic cylinders that operate under a pulling force. Ideal for load approach and welding operations in the shipbuilding and heavy structural steelwork sectors. Used in the laboratory to test construction materials for civil engineering applications.
  • Hydraulic cylinders with spring return, max pressure 700 bar. Designed to operate in any position.
  • The wiper reduces contamination entering the cylinder, limiting wear over time.
  • High-strength, removable steel eyelets.
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