Proportional Directional Valves series LVS08 / LVS12
Rozdzielacze hydrauliczne proporcjonalne LVS08 / LVS12
Sectional Directional Valves

Proportional Directional Valves series LVS08 / LVS12

Pressure [bar]


Flow rate [L/min]


The design uses the concept of pressure compensators integrated in the control spool to achieve very low pressure loss. This feature, together with the downstream system for flexible parallel actuation and the high degree of modularity, makes this proportional directional valve suitable for very adaptable application in mobile machines. The additional functions that can be incorporated, the high power density combined with high actuator flow rates of up to 180 l/min and the possibility of combining two different valve sizes in one control block round off the LVS08 / LVS12 proportional directional valves. They make up a flexible and compact modular valve system.

The valve blocks can be configured for fixed-displacement or load-sensing pump systems.

  • Flow-sharing principle (downstream pressure compensator) for flexible parallel operation in the event of under-supply
  • Available with independent meter-in/meter-out lands
  • Low pressure losses thanks to the valve design; suitable for electrically powered machines
  • Modular system made up of sizes LVS08 and/or LVS12 for numerous applications
  • Option: extended functions can be integrated as intermediate sections
  • Wide variety of control types for every type of system: direct-operated solenoid, two-stage electrohydraulic operation, on-board electronics, hydraulically operated, manually operated version
  • Bolt-on plates for extended functions such as seat valves and load-control valves
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