Proportional Directional Valves series L.8S
Rozdzielacze hydrauliczne proporcjonalne L8.S
Sectional Directional Valves

Proportional Directional Valves series L.8S

Pressure [bar]


Flow rate [L/min]


The L.8S valve series covers an actuator flow rate of up to 90 l/min and was developed for mobile applications. The valves are particularly characterized by their robust design and small external dimensions, and they offer a wide variety of additional functions that can be integrated. The L.8S is a flexible modular system whose elements can be combined to form a valve block that complies fully with the requirements of the application. The valve blocks can be configured for fixed-displacement or load-sensing pump systems as well as for systems that can switch between either type of supply.

  • Types of operation: hand lever, cable control, direct-operated solenoid, hydraulic , two-stage electrohydraulic, stepper motor operation for every type of system
  • Load-sensing valve
  • Upstream pressure compensator with a wide range of options
  • Can be used in all pump systems
  • Freely configurable, modular, flexible and compact building-block system for numerous applications
  • Option: extended functions can be integrated
  • Load-independent flow control, even with parallel operation of several actuators
  • With no-drop-before-lift function
  • Integral 3-way pressure control
  • Low pressure losses thanks to the valve design and the low block ∆p from 5 bar
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