Pressure Relief Valve series ASDA and AGDA

Pressure Relief Valve series ASDA and AGDA

Pressure [bar]


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Series ASDA and AGDA pressure-relief valves are solenoid operated flange-mounting valves with an interface to SAE J518 code 61 and ISO 6162-1. The main components of the valve are a body and a solenoid operated pressurerelief cartridge. The pressure-relief valve is a cartridge unit with a seated pilot stage and a spool-type main stage. Using the external pressure adjustment, the higher pressure p1 (relief setting) and the lower pressure p2 (a second relief setting, or the off-load pressure) can be varied smoothly and independently of one another without opening the hydraulic envelope, and either pressure can be selected.

  • Solenoid operated
  • Cartridge is thick-film passivated, Cr(VI)-free
  • High levels of functionality and stability
  • The slip-on coil can be rotated, and it can be replaced without opening the hydraulic envelope.
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