Pressure Reducing Proportional Cartridge Valve DDRRY-7020
Pressure reducing cartridge valves

Pressure Reducing Proportional Cartridge Valve DDRRY-7020

Pressure [bar]


Flow rate [L/min]


Series DDRRY-70… proportional 3-way pressure-reducing cartridges are direct acting, spool-type, push-in cartridges and are available in size 4. They reduce the outlet pressure in A as a function of the control current signal and independently of the inlet pressure in P. In the initial position (solenoid de-energised) the inlet of the 3-way pressure-reducing cartridge is shut off and the outlet is connected to tank (port A → T). In control mode, the connection P → A opens until the pressure in port A reaches the preset level. If the pressure rises above the preset level, the control spool opens the A → T connection until balance is attained. Four pressure ranges are available, with maximum operating pressure (inlet pressure) pmax 210 bar

  • Compact push-in cartridge construction for cavity type AG
  • Operated by a proportional solenoid
  • 4 pressure ranges available
  • Excellent stability over the whole pressure and flow range
  • All exposed parts with zinc-nickel plating
  • High pressure wet-armature solenoids
  • Various plug-connector systems and voltages are available
  • Can be fitted in a line-mounting body
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