Pressure compensator SDWVPB-2-10
Kompensator ciśnienia SDWVPB-2-10
Kompensator ciśnienia SDWVPB-2-10
Kompensator ciśnienia SDWVPB-2-10
Pressure stack-mounting compensators

Pressure compensator SDWVPB-2-10

Pressure [bar]


Flow rate [l/min]




Pressure compensators series SDWVPB …-10 and SDWVPZ …-10 are applied in hydraulic circuits as bypass hydrostats with fixed spring settings options of 8 bar or 5 bar. They feature an integral pressure relief function. The pressure relief setting should be at least 10% higher than the maximum dynamic load which can occur at the actuator. The orifice which is essential to ensure oscillation-free operation is already in­corporated in the Z port of the cartridge. The integral shuttle valve signals the higher of the load pressures in A or B back to the hydrostat, which in turn maintains the pressure in P at a level which is higher still by the amount of the hydrostat spring setting. In conjunction with an orifice or proportional valve located in the down­stream P-to-A or P-to-B lines, the overall result produces the benefits of a 3-way flow control function with integral pressure relief (see the application example on page 3).

  • Interface to ISO 4401 / CETOP R35H size 05 NFPAD05/DIN 24 340 A10
  • Hydrostat with integral pressure relief function
  • Hydrostat spring:
    • SDWVPB-2 … = 8 bar (fixed setting)
    • SDWVPZ-2 … = 5 bar (fixed setting)
  • With integral damping orifice in Z line
  • With integral shuttle valve between A and B
  • Good corrosion protection, stainless steel adjusting screw
  • Option: with solenoid controlled unloading function
  • Option: with LS signal port on the mounting interface
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