Pneumohydraulic pumps Series PP
Zasilacz hydrauliczny z silnikiem pneumatycznym serii PP
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Pneumohydraulic pumps Series PP

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High pressure air hydraulic pumps, the ideal solution for pressurization tests, material resistance, laboratory tests in general, stud tensioning operations, burst tests, testing of pressurized containers, bearing installation, actuation of hydraulic bolt tensioners or hydraulic nuts and anywhere you need a very high pressure. The standard version for oil circuits or in the water version on request. In the standard version the pneumohydraulic pump have pressure: 1500 bar – 2100 bar – 2500 bar – 3000 bar and 4000 bar. Air consumption is around 2,100 l / min. The supply pressure can vary from 1.8 to 7 bar. A feature of the pump is that following a pressure drop, the control unit automatically restores the pre-existing values.

  • PP Series are air hydraulic pumps and have 3 models, supplied as standard equipment:
    1500 bar air pumps
    2100 bar air pumps
    2500 bar air pumps
  • Feed by a normal compressed air line, it is the ideal solution for tensioning studs, explosion tests, mounting and dismounting bearings, hydraulic tensioning devices and anywhere very high pressure is used.
  • Air consumption is approximately 2100 l/min. The feed pressure may vary from 1.8 to 7 bar. A distinctive feature of the pump is that following a drop in pressure, the hydraulic pump automatically restores the previous values.
  • Pneumohydraulic units for pressure values up to 4000 bar can also be supplied on request.
  • Hydraulic pumps are always supplied with couplers.
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