Piston pumps series 20
pompa tłoczkowa metaris seria 20
Piston pumps METARIS

Piston pumps series 20

Pressure [bar]


Displacement [cm3/rev]


Our 20 series aftermarket replacement pumps and motors are engineered for quality, durability and versatility.
Components used are designed for high efficiency. For example, components such as tapered roller bearings
are utilized, which offer a high loading capacity for external radial forces. Our lineup of aftermarket 20 series
consists of variable displacement pumps and fixed displacement motors in multiple displacements, and
replacement parts. Our units are easily serviceable and most all components are replaceable and stocked by
Hydraulex Global. These units and parts are fit, form and function replacements for Sauer-Sundstrand® 20
series components.

  • Suitable for a variety of applications
  • Multiple displacements and options available
  • 8 different frame sizes
  • Engineered to provide a long service life and reliability
  • Fixed displacement motor can be operated in either direction of rotation
  • Multiple drive shaft options and control options
  • Heavy duty bearings and shafts
  • Easily serviceable
  • Replacement parts also available
  • Direct replacements for Sauer-Sundstrand® 20 series
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