Piston pump series PVH
pompa tłoczkowa metaris pvh
Piston pumps METARIS

Piston pump series PVH

Pressure [bar]


Displacement [cm3/rev]


Our MHPVB in-line variable displacement piston pumps have excellent operating features and are capable of
operating with many types of hydraulic fluid. These units are durable and offer a long service life, which makes
them suitable for the industrial market. Available in six displacements to meet the demands of many applications.
Engineered around heavy duty construction and the durability of the cradle bearing design, we have our MPVH
line of piston pumps. This series of pumps are ideally suited for the mobile market and are available in four
displacements. Furthermore, our line of MPVH series pumps replace the obsolete PVE series.

  • High flow, high performance pumps for industrial and mobile applications
  • Heavy duty, compact housings
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Engineered for long service life
  • High performance, highly efficient with a variety of hydraulic fluids
  • Versatile designs – single pumps, thru-drive pumps
  • Multiple drive shaft options and control options
  • Heavy duty bearings and shafts
  • Interchangeable with Vickers® PVB and PVH series
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