Piston motor AX
Pompa tłoczkowa serii AX
Piston motors

Piston motor AX

Displace­ment [cm³/rev]


Max. pressure [bar]


Max. speed [rpm]


AX pumps and motors offer unique high total efficiency of 92 – 94% operating range. High pressures at lowest speed are an important criteria in winch drive applications. AX units have no minimum speed limit and are ideally suited for variable-speed electric drives. Furthermore, valuable battery capacity can be saved in electric driven working machines because of low power losses.


  • 94% Overall efficiency
  • 99% Start efficiency
  • No minimum speed limit
  • Low pulsations
  • Low noise level
  • Compact dimensions
  • Low temperature increase


  • Winches and slew drives
  • Projects related to electrification and energy recovery
  • Wheel drives and track drives
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