Pipe Rupture Valves series RS 32
Zawór pękniętego przewodu RS 16 Bucher
Pipe Rupture Valves

Pipe Rupture Valves series RS 32

Pressure [bar]


Flow rate [L/min]


Series RS… pipe rupture valves, which belong to the safety valves group, are available as screw-in cartridges or as pipe line mounting valves. Pipe-rupture valves are used wherever a load must not be allowed to drop rapidly and without control if a pipe or hose bursts (ex. uncontrolled movement of the cylinder). In its normal position the pipe rupture valve is open and allows the flow in both directions. When the actuating flow rate is exceeded – by a hose burst, for example – the pipe rupture valve closes suddenly and blocks flow form Z to P without leakage. The pipe rupture valve opens again automatically when the pressure at port P is higher than the pressure at port Z.

  • Virtually leak-free closing
  • Prevents uncontrolled cylinder movements in the event that a pipe or hose bursts
  • Closing flow rate is adjustable
  • Compact design means small space requirements
  • Available as a screw-in cartridge or pipe line mounting valve
  • All external parts are zinc-nickel plated according to DIN EN ISO 19598
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