Pilot Operated Check Valve series SRE-B/ SREA-B
Pilot-operated stack mounting Check Valves

Pilot Operated Check Valve series SRE-B/ SREA-B

Pressure [bar]


Flow rate [l/min]


Series SREA-…-4 units are pilot operated check valves which function automatically. The seat-type check valves ensure a near zero-leakage closure of the applicable service line(s). The check valves block the effects both of external forces on the actuator and of internal leakage in other components. To ensure that the pilot piston is fully unloaded, the related directional valve should preferably have a mid-position in which the service lines A and B are connected to T (HTF spool type G). The 0 3 mm location pin on the actuator face of the valve prevents incorrect mounting.

  • Check valve with guided poppet
  • All moving parts hardened
  • 2 cracking pressures available

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