Low clearance hydraulic torque wrench series HTW-H
Hydrauliczny klucz dynamometryczny o niskim prześwicie serii HTW-H
Hydraulic tools

Low clearance hydraulic torque wrench series HTW-H

Low clearance hydraulic torque wrench. FPT – Fluid Power Technology is able to provide a complete solution for all controlled tightening needs. It has a wide range of hydraulic torque wrenches available, both in the square drive version and in the low clearance low profile version and all the related accessories such as high strength bushings and coaxial reductions. Hydraulic torque wrenches are professional tools designed for industrial applications and part of the equipment for assembly and industrial maintenance.

These tools are compact and lightweight made of aluminum, they have an operating pressure of 700 bar. Models designed to last for years. Various models of hydraulic wrenches are available in 5 basic models from 2.625 Nm to 48.181 Nm – a wide range of hexagon heads available based on nut sizes. Special models available on request. A wide range of accessories is also available, such as twin pipes, quick couplings, bushings, reductions, reaction arms with different sizes.

  • Working pressure 700 Bar
  • Hydraulic torque wrenches powerful with low clearance design
  • Fitted with 360° x 360° Uni-Swivel couplings
  • Compact, lightweight, aluminium drive unit
  • Accurate to +/- 3% with standard torque chart supplied
  • Low profile design for limited access applications
  • Available on 5 models from 2.625 Nm to 48.181 Nm – available a wide range of ratchet heads
  • Available a wide range of accessories such as twin hoses, reduction and pumps
  • More hydraulic torque wrenches can be used with one FPT pump to obtain the maximum productivity
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