Leak-Free Load-Control Valve series CINDY 25-B-C
Zawory hamujące CINDY-25-C Bucher
Load Control Valves

Leak-Free Load-Control Valve series CINDY 25-B-C

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Whenever large loads are to be precisely moved, placed and held, or work access platforms must maintain their position and withstand high forces, then leak-free load-control valves from the CINDY series are the right solution. Load-control valves in this series prevent hydraulic actuators from running ahead of the available oil supply. In one valve, they combine the functions of load-holding, safety and pipe-rupture protection. Leak-free load-control valves in this series are ideally suited for use in high-pressure applications up to 420 bar (6000 psi). With a variety of optional components, the series can be extended and adapted to the requirements of the system.

  • Two-stage load-control valve and bypass check valve are functionally combined in one coaxial valve assembly
  • Leak-free load holding
  • Pilot ratio 1:113
  • Guaranteed closing force for the load-control assembly → reliable shut-off even with a broken spring
  • Various pilot-pressure ranges can be chosen
  • Various types of pilot control are available
  • Low-noise operation thanks to specially shaped control grooves
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