JetViewMobile 206
interfejs HMI

JetViewMobile 206

The entry-level HMI JVM-206 has a display that can be operated intuitively. The ISOBUS UT function enables the interfacing with Jetter ISOBUS controllers. Communication takes place via the ISOBUS protocol.

The controls are arranged to facilitate one-handed operation. By pairing a touch-sensitive display with a classic keyboard, the Jetter HMI combines the tactile sensation of keys with state-of-the-art touch control.

All ISOBUS virtual terminals are also available with neutral front foil making them universally applicable, C-programmable HMIs. Contact us for more information.


  • 5″ touch display, high resolution
  • 12 softkeys
  • 6 hardkeys, ISB, power
  • TECU
  • FS function
Katalog JVM-206 Download

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