JetTelematicsMobile 4G

JetTelematicsMobile 4G

The JTM telemetry device is the universal component that prepares any mobile machine for the era of digitalization. Its rugged design and well-positioned wireless connectivity capabilities make it the perfect companion for monitoring and managing entire fleets of mobile machines.

The device communicates wirelessly via LTE CAT-1 and WiFi or in the vehicle network via CAN and USB. In this way, it can be easily integrated into CAN networks of mobile machines. The choice between different software packages allows you to find the optimal fit for your individual connectivity strategy. To extend the connectivity possibilities within the machine network, additional hardware extensions can be added.

The compact design with internal antenna allows flexible and space-saving installation on the machine. The module is designed to be used in a harsh and difficult environment.

Product Features

  • LTE CAT-1 wireless connectivity with 2G fallback option for mobile connectivity in field applications
  • Get remote access to multiple machines, saving costs and improving TCO
  • On-site diagnostics via internal web server and WiFi interface
  • Track your vehicles in the field with a GNSS receiver
  • All necessary antennas are built in
  • Additional hardware expansion modules allow flexible modification of your vehicle network architecture
  • 3 LEDs enable quick diagnostics
  • Rugged and compact housing for flexible installation on the machine
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