Internal gear motor QXM Mobil
silniki o zazębieniu wewnętrznym QXM-mobil
Internal gear motors

Internal gear motor QXM Mobil

Pressure [bar]


Effective displacement [cm3/rev]


Max. speed [rpm]


Min. speed [rpm]


The QXM-Mobil internal gear motor was specifically developed for use in mobile applications. Its outstanding efficiency and extremely low noise levels also make a significant contribution to reducing the costs of both energy and anti-noise measures. The QXM design principle, featuring an integral outboard bearing, ensures top-class protection against leakage at the shaft seal.


  • Excellent torque characteristics even at high speed
  • Sealing concept for ultra-high protection against external leakage
  • Easy start, no “stick-slip-effect”
  • Integral outboard bearing can carry high external loads


  • Fan drives in general
  • Fan drives in cooling systems
  • Blower drives in general
  • Blower drives in seed drills
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