Internal Gear Flow Divider series QXT
Dzielniki przepływu o zazębieniu wewnętrznym QXT
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Internal Gear Flow Divider series QXT

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Series QXT flow dividers are internal gear units that can divide a flow into as many as four portions. The division ratios are constant and are unaffected by the loads at the actuators. They can be used, for example, to provide synchronised movement of unequally loaded cylinders. Several hydraulic motors can be driven at the same speed, irrespective of their external loads. Since they operate on the principle of the rotating internal gear set, these flow dividers work without any throttling losses, which is in strong contrast to spool-type flow dividers. The QXT flow divider can also be used to produce pressure intensification i.e. the outlet pressure from the flow divider is higher than its inlet pressure. This takes place at high efficiency, since the operating principle ensures that the only losses that can possibly occur are proportional to the pressure difference across the unit. The unit is based on the well-known QX internal gear pump, which is distinguished by its very low noise levels and al-most imperceptible pressure pulsations. The large number of closely spaced sizes ensures that the right size is always available for every application.

  • extremely high division accuracy
  • exceptionally quiet operation
  • negligible pressure pulsations
  • long service life
  • high efficiency, since operating principle ensures there are no throttling losses
  • wide range of outlet flows are available
  • suitable for special fluids such as HFC, environmentally friendly and low viscosity fluids
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