Hydraulic rock splitter series SP100
hydrauliczne łuparki do skał seria SP100
Hydraulic rock splitters

Hydraulic rock splitter series SP100

Drill holes [mm]

38 or 45 mm

Wedge lenghts [mm]

300, 400 or 500 mm

The SP100 Octagon Series are energy-saving, efficient, compact and easy-to-use stone and rock crushing tools for construction contractors.

AC power enables operation in many locations where electricity is difficult or impossible to obtain. The series is complemented by power supplies with combustion engines.

Technical data:

  • For drill holes with diameters: 38 and 45 mm
  • Wedge lengths: 300, 400 and 500 mm
  • Minimum drilling depth: 530, 650 and 730 mm
  • Maximum theoretical splitting power 590 – 740 t (depending on the set maximum pressure)
  • Lenght of wedge cylinder:  900 – 1100 mm (Depends the wedge)
  • Lenght of hydraulic hoses 10 m
  • Lenght of electric hose 3 m
  • Weight of wedge cylinder:  30-34  kg (Depends the wedge)

Technical data of the hydraulic power unit:

  • AC 230V (or 115V)
  • Electric power 1.5 kW
  • 1500 rpm
  • Maximum pressure 500 bar
  • Length of hydraulic hoses 1 + 9 m
  • Electric hose length 3 m
  • Weight 44 kg + hoses
  • Weight of all equipment 80 kg + hoses
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