Hydraulic rock drill DF540L-2M
Wiertarka hydrauliczna udarowa DF540L-2M
Hydraulic percussion rock drills

Hydraulic rock drill DF540L-2M

Hole diameter [mm]


Power class [kW]


Doofor DF540L-2M is a hydraulic drifter in the 14kW size class with two OMS-type rotation motors and a standard flushing head. The rock drill is designed for general excavations and ground stabilisation. The DF540L-2M has a low overhead and two rotation motors. Two rotation motors offer a stable, high torque while offering a high rotation speed necessary for patented high frequency percussion.

Flushing media can be water or air or air-water -mist. Available shank adapters are R32, T35, R38, T38 and T45.

This rock drill can be equipped with stainless steel, separated flushing head for underground mining, bolting and grouting (BLT-version).

Optimal maximum hole diameter for the DF540L is 64mm.

  • Nominal power class 14 kW
  • Percussion pressure 140 bar
  • Percussion oil-flow (90 litres/min)
  • Rotation motor* 2*125 cm3
  • Speed max. 250 rpm
  • Torque* 1592 Nm
  • Oil flow* 2*40 litres/min (max 2*90 litres/min)
  • Gear ratio 65/40
  • Lubrication Air-oil mist 250–350 g/h
  • Flushing air pressure 5–7 bar
  • Flushing air flow 4000 litres/min
  • Flushing water flow 150 litres/min
  • Weight 165 kg

*) Numbers given are for standard rotation motor (2*125 cm³) at max. the pressure of 275 bar. Motor options are 80 cm³, 100 cm³, 125 cm³, 160 cm³, 200 cm³, 250 cm³. For professional use only as a component of a hydraulic system.

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