High Pressure Flow Divider MTDA16HD
Dzielniki przepływu wysokiego ciśnienia MTDA08HD
Flow Dividers

High Pressure Flow Divider MTDA16HD

Pressure [bar]


Flow rate [L/min]


Series MTDA..HD units are flow dividing valves that operate automatically. They are intended for use with hydraulic fluids. They divide a flow into two parts. When flow passes through a valve in the opposite direction, the two part-flows are combined into one single flow (added). The dividing and combining functions are largely independent of the pressures of the two divided flows and of the fluid viscosity. In order for the valve to work properly, a continuous flow is required at all ports. For example, if one actuator is no longer able to move, then the other part-flow will also be restricted. If the two actuators served by the flow divider operate at different pressures, then the pressure of the total flow entering the valve will correspond to the higher of the two actuator pressures.

  • these valves do not require maintenance.
  • flows can be split or merged with accuracy (divide/combine functions).
  • Functions: – decompression orifice
    • make-up valves
    • Crossline relief valve
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