High flow pumps for torque wrenches series FPH-HTW-HF
Zasilacz hydrauliczny do kluczy dynamometrycznych o dużym natężeniu przepływu serii FPH-HTW-HF
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High flow pumps for torque wrenches series FPH-HTW-HF

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High flow pump for torque wrenches. FPT – Fluid Power Technology designs and manufactures products and equipment for the bolting sector including a wide range of hydraulic pumps for operating hydraulic torque wrenches, with electric and pneumatic motors suitable for all customer bolting needs. The power pack can be made in three versions: compact, standard and high flow. The high flow version is typically used for intensive operations and with multiple hydraulic torque wrenches. The hydraulic pump is available in the three-phase electric version, with a capacity of 12 l / m at 100 bar and 2.3 to 3 l / m at 700 bar. For this model it can be equipped with various accessories: the heat exchanger, cooler, the quad block for the use of 4 hydraulic torque wrenches at the same time, the automatic cycle, the hour counter, the timer, the quick couplers and the twin hoses. The power pack can also be equipped with pumps with different flow rates based on specific tightening requirements.

The high flow pump for torque wrenches are typically used for the bolting operations of large ball valves – ball valves – where it is necessary to have a very high flow rate to guarantee short times for tightening the valves, often having nuts of important dimensions.

They are the ideal unit for maximum speed and highest performance.

  • The pump is available on threephase version with 15 l/min at 100 bar and 3 l/min at 700 bar.
  • The pump is equipped with protection cage and wheels for easy movements.
  • Standard for this model are: heater exchanger, quad block manifold and oil return filter.
  • There are also available different accessories: automatic cycle, quick couplers and twin hoses.
  • The FPT-HTW-HF can also be equipped with different pumps and flow related to the torque specifications.
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