Flow Control Valves series MTKA
Flow Control Valves

Flow Control Valves series MTKA

Pressure [bar]


Flow rate[L/min]


The MTKA priority flow control valve divides the inlet flow P into a priority flow A (fixed, or manually adjustable) and a surplus flow B. The surplus flow can be pressurised and can therefore be supplied to an additional actuator. The pressure in the inlet line corresponds to that of the actuator with the highest load. For applications with high vibrations we recommend the version with detent (MTKAR).

  • robust, uncomplicated, reliable
  • these valves do not require maintenance. This lowers costs and reduces the risk of a system failure.
  • can be provided with mechanical actuation
  • flow rates are unaffected by temperature change or when the higher load pressure alternates between the outlet ports
  • line mounting design
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