Flow Control Valve series MTKK / MTKL
Regulator natężenia przepływu MTKK / MTKL
Zawory sterujące natężeniem przepływu
Regulator natężenia przepływu MTKK / MTKL
Flow Control Valves

Flow Control Valve series MTKK / MTKL

Pressure [bar]


Flow rate [L/min]


Series MTK.. 2/3-way flow control valves provide a constant, pressure-compensated, flow of hydraulic fluid. Any surplus inlet flow can be used elsewhere. The constant flow setting can be fixed or adjustable. The individual units can be block-mounted; the required number of individual functions can be assembled into one valve block without any interconnecting pipework. Valve blocks can incorporate both series and parallel circuits.

  • can be individually combined into customised functional systems
  • rugged, uncomplicated, reliable operation
  • flow rates are unaffected by temperature change or when the higher load pressure alternates be-tween the outlet ports
  • these valves do not require maintenance. This lowers costs and reduces the risk of a system failure.
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