Flow Control Cartridge Valve series MRPA-2-1
Flow Control Valves

Flow Control Cartridge Valve series MRPA-2-1

Pressure [bar]


Flow rate [L/min]


Series MRPA… 2-way flow-control valves are size 1, high performance, load-compensated screw-in cartridges with a G ¼” mounting thread. By means of a fixed orifice, the flow rate to an actuator is kept constant regardless of load changes. The load compensation is done by the pressurecompensator piston, which maintains the pressure drop across the fixed orifice at a constant level. The flow-control cartridges can be supplied with various fixed orifices for optimum integration in the system.

  • Load-independent flow rate
  • Compact design for cavity type GB – G¼“ to Bucher standards
  • Various fixed orifices (optimum integration in system)
  • Exceptionally constant flow rate over the entire pressure range
  • Very good reproducibility
  • Can be used for LS-unloading
  • Minimal wear and long service life
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