Expansion module JXM-IO-EX30
moduł rozszerzeń
Expansion Modules

Expansion module JXM-IO-EX30

Expansion module JXM-IO-EX30 with its innovative cabling concept is the universal distributed component for mobile machines. With its balanced I/O configuration, it can handle almost all distributed tasks.

Communication with the JXM-IO-EX30 takes place via CANopen®. This allows for integration into conventional CAN networks used in self-propelled machines.

Thanks to its potted components and rugged housing the expansion module is applicable in any situation even under harsh environmental conditions.

The cabling concept based on 4-pin DT connectors enables fast plug&play field cabling using standard cables.


  • 12 inputs and 14 diagnostics-capable outputs – including high current paths and PWM with current control
  • Thanks to CAN ID addressing via tri-state inputs, up to 9 nodes in a network are supported without the need for software configuration. This lets you implement your common parts strategy.
  • High individual currents at the outputs allow parallel connection of several loads
  • 3 short-circuit-proof sensor supplies allow “mission critical” sensor networks
  • Rugged potted housing with plug&play cabling concept
Katalog JXM-IO-EX30 Download
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