Expansion module JXM-IO-E31
Moduł rozszerzeń
Expansion Modules

Expansion module JXM-IO-E31

The JXM-IO-E31 expansion module is a universal, distributed module for mobile machines. Its well-balanced I/O configuration enables it to handle almost all decentralized tasks and is particularly suitable for controlling brushed DC motors in mobile machines.

Communication with the JXM-IO-E31 is carried out via CANopen®. This way, the module can be integrated into common CAN networks of mobile machines.

Thanks to its rugged, encapsulated housing, the expansion module can be used very flexibly in rough ambient conditions.


  • 15 inputs and 12 diagnostic-capable outputs – including powerful H-bridge high-current paths and PWM with current control
  • High application flexibility through a temperature sensor input for PT1000 sensors
  • Thanks to CAN ID addressing via tristate inputs, up to nine nodes in a network are supported without the need for software configuration. This lets you implement your common parts strategy.
  • High switching capacity through parallel connection of H-bridges and high total continuous current for controlling DC motors
  • The frequency inputs can be conveniently switched between NPN/PNP via software. This allows, for example, vehicle speed signals to be read in
  • Three sensor power supplies allow an extended connection of sensor networks
  • Rugged, potted housing with proven automotive connector
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