Expansion module JXM-IO-E02
moduł rozszerzeń
Expansion Modules

Expansion module JXM-IO-E02

The large number of individually configurable I/O connections, the high total current as well as the rugged and compact design make the JXM-IO-E02 a multi-purpose CAN remote node.

The supply voltage of the inputs and outputs is divided into Standard Feed and Protected Feed, and it allows for independent deactivation of inputs and outputs in safety applications.

The CAN ID of the I/O node can be defined via external connection of digital inputs. This way, up to nine nodes can be addressed within one system without further configuration measures to be taken.


  • Flexible I/O configuration
  • The CAN addresses can be configured via wiring harness
  • Compact and rugged enclosure
  • High degree of protection IP66/IP68
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