Excavator Pipe-Rupture Valve CF 20-ES
Zawór pękniętego przewodu CFS 20-ES Bucher
Zawór pękniętego przewodu CFS 20-ES Bucher
Zawór pękniętego przewodu CFS 20-ES Bucher
Pipe Rupture Valves

Excavator Pipe-Rupture Valve CF 20-ES

Pressure [bar]


Flow rate [L/min]


The excavator pipe-rupture valve is used wherever so required by the standards ISO 8643, EN 474 and DIN 24093 for excavators with a lifting device (e.g. a load hook on the bucket). The actuators concemed are the lift cylinder, the stick cylinder and the adjusting cylinder. The valve should also be used on machines in which a pipe­rupture on the actuators could produce dangerous situations (e.g. machines for materials handling and demolition). The excavator pipe­ rupture valve, series CFS (Compact Flow Control and Safety Valve), prevents uncontrolled lowering of the actuator in the event of a pipe­ or hose­rupture. In addition, the CFS valve holds the actuator in its position when the main valve is centred. The valve also includes a secondary pressure ­relief function, which protects the actuator against overload. The inlet and actuator ports on the CFS are standard SAE flanged ports, and the valve can therefore be retrofitted to existing equipment without any difficulty.

  • Fulfils safety requirements in accordance with ISO 8643, EN 474 and DIN 24093
  • Leak-free load holding
  • Compact design → very low weight
  • Satisfies exacting demands on corrosion protection
  • The control assembly is guaranteed to close → it closes even with a broken spring
  • No impact, or only very low impact on the existing hydraulic system → easy to retrofit
  • Pressure relief independent of return-line pressure
  • Thermal expansion pressure relief is integrated in pressure relief valve
  • Long service life
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