Electro-Pumps ET.. AP212
Elektropompy ET...AP05
Electro-Pumps ET

Electro-Pumps ET.. AP212

Pressure [bar]


Motor power 12, 24, 48 V DC* [kW]


Displace­ment [cm³/obr]

4,4 - 26,2

Bucher Hydraulics electro-pumps series ET are equipped with modern external gear pumps – AP05, AP100 and AP212 series together with efficient DC or AC electro-motors. These electro-pumps offer high volumetric efficiency and mechanical characteristics, good balancing and therefore reduced noise and vibration.

In Bucher Hydraulics ET project development, simplified architectures and reduced dimensions were the main goals to be achieved. For this purpose the housings of these pumps can be equipped with valves and hydraulics circuits.


  • Low noise emission
  • Wide range of displacements and electric motor powers
  • Hydraulic circuit simplification.


  • Unidirectional
  • Reversible (ET.. APR05 , ET.. APR212)
  • With or without motor starting switch
  • With thermocouple
  • Integrated circuit with valves assembled in the housings


  • Fork lifts
  • Scissors
  • Aerial platform
  • Small truck-mounted cranes
  • Electro-hydraulic steering
  • Emergency backup systems (steering and braking options included)
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