Efficient System Solutions for the Electrification of Mobile Machines
System solutions

Efficient System Solutions for the Electrification of Mobile Machines

In order to achieve high cost-effectiveness, longer service life as well as reduced energy consumption, efficient, coordinated hydraulic components are of crucial importance.

As a strong partner, Bucher Hydraulics can provide innovative and efficient electrohydraulic system solutions.


  • Savings potential for battery and operating costs due to the reduced energy demand of fine-tuned hydraulic  systems
  • New application possibilities thanks to reduced noise emissions
  • Greater range and longer operating times with the same battery size
  • High energy efficiency and durability serve as a basis for successful electrification

Massive energy savings thanks to recuperation with AX piston pump

Savings potential resulting from:

  • Simple recuperation of energy while lowering due to innovative system architectureƒ
  • Highly efficient AX pump
  • Reduction of the required battery energy
  • Longer operational availability without battery charging


  • Electric mobile machines
  • Municipal equipment
  • Earth moving machines
  • Construction machinery
  • Material handling machines
  • Fork lift trucks
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