Directional Spool Valves WEDC - NG4
Rozdzielacz hydrauliczny WEDC - NG4
Manifold Directional Valves

Directional Spool Valves WEDC - NG4

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The WEDC-…-4… series of directional spool valves are solenoid operated, direct acting, manifold-mounting valves
with a size 02 interface to ISO 4401-02-01. The main components of the valves are a steel body, either one or two solenoids, the control spool, and either one or two return springs. In the non-operated state, the return springs hold
the control spool in the middle position or initial position. The control spool is operated by the DC or AC solenoids, which are of the oil-immersed type. The integral manual override can be used to move the spool without energising the coil, for example during a power failure.

  • For controlling the starting, stopping, and direction of a flow
  • Manifold-mounting design, interface to ISO 4401-02-01
  • Operated by DC or AC solenoids
  • Very reliable functions and extremely stable
  • With manual override
  • All exposed parts with zinc-nickel plating
  • High pressure wet-armature solenoids
  • The slip-on coil can be rotated, and it can be replaced without opening the hydraulic envelope
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