Directional Seat Valve Block series SVH04
Rozdzielacz hydrauliczny SVH04
Monoblock Directional Valves

Directional Seat Valve Block series SVH04

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Series SVH04 low-weight (aluminium) valve blocks feature seat valves and are used to control single or double acting cylinders. They are applied where extremely low levels of leakage are required. The design is based on a direct acting, solenoidoperated 2/2 seat valve that seals in both directions. The valves close the flow path to or from hydraulic actuators with virtually zero leakage. Where double-acting actuators are to be controlled, the circuit must include a 3-position directional valve situated before the seat valves. In its mid-position, this valve must connect the service ports to tank.

  • actuators are shut-off with virtually zero-leakage, even over a longer period of time
  • particularly suitable for mobile machines, thanks to the
  • low-weight design and small dimensions
  • can be used as independent valve blocks, or can be
  • attached to the L.8S series of proportional directional valves
  • with suitable upstream control valves, all actuators connected to the blocks can be proportionally operated
  • additional auxiliary functions can be implemented
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